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Phone Directory

Faculty & Staff

School Main Phone Number: 801-254-8000, dial 9, then extension listed below.
All phone calls to classrooms are automatically sent to voicemail during instructional times.

Name Email Ext
Bryce Eardley Principal 16070
Adrienne Yancey Asst. Principal 16089
Ms. Austin Preschool
Mrs. Ekins Kindergarten 16065
Mrs. Sweeten Kindergarten 16065
Mrs. Anderson Kindergarten 16031
Ms. White Kindergarten
Mrs. Harrison 1st Grade 16051
Mrs. Morrill 1st Grade 16019
Miss Forman 1st Grade 16017
Ms. Gleed 1st Grade
Ms. Boardman 1st Grade
Mr. LaFleur 2nd Grade 16063
Ms. Oakley 2nd Grade 16050
Mrs. Oaks 2nd Grade
Ms. Ahlers 2nd Grade
Miss Sayer 2nd Grade 16027
Ms. Hinds 3rd Grade
Mrs. Anderson 3rd Grade 16044
Miss Weston 3rd Grade 16066
Mrs. Walbeck 3rd Grade 16003
Mrs. Bailey 3rd Grade
Mrs. Thacker 4th Grade 16046
Mrs. Winn 4th Grade 16015
Mrs. Terry 4th Grade 16011
Mrs. Wardell 4th Grade 16047
Mrs. Hanson 4th Grade
Ms. Handy 4th Grade
Ms. Harvey 5th Grade 16042
Ms. Witt-Roper 5th Grade 16068
Mrs. Gotberg 5th Grade 16041
Mrs. Mauri 5th Grade 16052
Miss Park 5th Grade
Ms. Stevens 5th Grade
Mrs. Oettli 6th Grade 16021
Mrs. Beauchamp 6th Grade 16062
Mr. Gedicks 6th Grade 16064
Ms. Hoffmann 6th Grade 16067
Mr. Stirland 6th Grade 16090
Becky Williams Admin Asst 16071
Todd Bench Custodian 16075
Jari Stephens Kitchen Manager 16076
Cami Anderson Literacy Coach 16002
Deanna Higham Media 16088
Nancy Hopkin Music 16004
Carrie Orfanos Nurse
Heather Wright Orchestra
Dallin Marr Psychologist 16081
Joie Rebentisch Resource 16085
Ms. McDougal Education Support 1-3 16083
Ms. Sundell Education Support 4-6 16084
Tara Augustin Speech 16045
Kalei Young Speech 16086
Alison Dymond Technology 16044

In case of an emergency, please contact Todd Bench at 801-703-4558.

If you are unable to locate the contact, please search the Jordan School District email Directory