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School Reopening Plan

Jordan School Board has approved a reopening plan for school with two options. Families can chose to have their children attend in person.  Classes will be held Monday through Thursday.  Students will not be required to attend in person on Fridays. The second option allows for full-time virtual learning from home with a Jordan School District teacher.  More information regarding the reopening plan can be found here: .

If you want to choose the online option, you will go to the above link and complete the form entitled, "Registration for Virtual Online Learning for the 2020-2021 School Year."  This form needs to be completed by July 31, 2020.  Chromebooks will be available for check-out for students who have elected the online option.  Distribution dates will be posted as soon as they become available.

Face coverings will be worn by all students until further notice.  Exceptions may be granted in accordance with the July 17, 2020 Governor's Order Regarding Face Coverings.  Face coverings will be worn by all employees.

School beginning dates for each track are listed below. The first day of regular school is an orientation day for first grade students.  The first six days of school for Kindergarten students is entry testing.  Each student will set an individual appointment to come in for testing with their teacher.  This is the only time the student will attend during the first six days.  More information on scheduling either first-grade orientation or Kindergarten testing appointments will be sent soon.

A and B Track - Grades 2-6 Aug 24th, 1st Grade Aug 25th, Kindergarten Sept 1st

C Track - Grades 2-6 Sept 17th, 1st Grade Sept 21st, Kindergarten Sept 28th

D Track - Grades 2-6 Aug 27th, 1st Grade Aug 31st, Kindergarten Sept 8th.