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2018 Regional Central Utah STEM FAIR Winner at BYU
Life Science - 1st Place, Ryan McMillan--Do Distractions Slow Reactions?
Product Testing & Consumer Science - 3rd Place, Danika Johnson--How Different Drinks Negatively Impact My Teeth
Engineering - 4th Place, Annilee Dansie--Swiffer Socks

2018 Jordan School District STEM Fair Winners
Hudson Brown--Heat Transfer
Tacoma Ivie--Can You Make an Egg Float?
Brinklee Garner--Taste Perception
Danika Johnson--How Different Drinks Negatively Impact Your Teeth
Annilee Dansie--Swiffer Socks
Hayden Van Leeuwen--Is It Just Idle Talk?
Ryan McMillian--"Do Distractions Slow Reaction?"
Halle Ashdown--How Does Static Electricity Affect Different Objects
Kaylee Karlsven--Which Liquid Conducts Electricity the Best?

 SJE STEM Fair Winners
Grand Champion. Ryan McMillan
6th Grade Champion. Brandon McHenry
6th Grade Runner-Up Kelan Francom
5th Grade Champion Hayden Vanleeuwen
5th Grade Runner-Up. Ali Owens